Catalogue | Multimec Switches Single Pole 3F series Multimec
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Through-Hole P/B tactile Switch was 3FTL6 Low Temp now 3FTH9 High Temp Multimec
Through-Hole P/B tactile Switch was 3FTL6 Low Temp now 3FTH9 High Temp  Multimec
Multimec 3F series has an actuator extending from the switch body and uses a slide-on cap retention system. Illuminated versions with single or bi-colour LEDs are available. In addition, there is a right angle version, which can also be supplied with an LED.


•single pole
•10.000.000 operations lifetime
•sealed to IP67
•3.5N actuation force
•quiet version also available to special order
•temperature range High Temp: -40/+160ºC
•through-hole right angle version
Multimec 3F series can be provided with an LED: LED colours: blue, green, yellow, white, red, green/yellow, red/green and red/yellow.

Caps available: 1N, 1WA/1WD/1WP, 1GA/1GC, 1X and Aquamec.

NOTE: Throughout 2015, Low Temp Switches will be discontinued in favour of High Temp versions.